(Col. Retired) Jung-Su Myung, PhD.


Dr.Myung, now pursuing new projects for future contributions to successors and societies is eager to take digital pictures of scenes and insects or birds.  Especially he is paying efforts to take the natures and scenes of mountains - Mt. BookHan, and Mt. DoBong, every week, every season day and night.

After 28 years of services in Korea Air Force, he retired from Korea Air Force on March 31, 1995 as a full colonel. His major areas of works were, professor in Korea Air Force Academy, ECM(Electronic Counter Measures)product development program manager in Ministry of National Defense, so called YulGok, and R&D manager in ADD.

Retired from Korea Air Force on March 31, 1995 as a colonel, he joined IAE(Institute for Advanced Engineering: Group's central R&D center) of DAEWOO corporation, where his major work was developing long-range strategic plan that will carry IAE into 21st century as a world-class distinguished institute,  integrating education and research function in a single organization.

From March 1st. 1998 Dr. Myung was assigned to a professor in Systems Engineering in Department of Ajou University as a staff of IAE. And he was also assigned as the director of R&D division by ex Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Kunmo Chung, who was assigned to the president of IAE. Dr. Myung did major role of renovation of IAE organization for entire application of Government initiated project based system. Institute was reformed into two major parts; R&D Division, and School of Systems Engineering where the graduate school is operated. After full renovation of the organization he was doing teaching and research works as a professor of Systems Engineering Department until invited to Yuhan College as the President and CEO.. And he finished his 4year term of CEO by 20th August 2003.

Dr. Myung has been the vice president of Institute of Electronic Engineers of Korea(KIEEE), which is one of the leading and historical academic institute in Korea, with the membership content of more than 30,000 scholars and engineers. He has been also a member of IEEE.

As a professor of the Korea Air Force Academy in Electronic Engineering Department, he taught radar engineering, microwave engineering, electromagnetism, engineering mathematics, electronics, and other engineering subjects.  Also, he conducted research activities in the field of radar ECM(Electronic Counter Measures) at the Air Force Academy. During his services at the Air Force Academy, he did volunteer role in moving Korea Air Force Academy from Seoul to its present site in ChungJu, working as a program coordinator and as an executive officer. He implemented major changes in the curriculums, as well as in the administration of the new academy. He also offered some graduate courses at the Electronics Department of Seoul National University for 4 years (1984-1987).

From 1987-1992, Dr.Myung served at the Ministry of National Defense(MND) of Korea. He was the airborne ECM project manager at the ministry. He directed the successful completion of the full cycle of R&D from concept to production.

During the project management, he served the dual role of being an administrator and a chief engineer directing engineering changes, specification changes and other critical activities.  He also conducted an R&D project, in conjunction with Korea Advanced Institute of Science(now KAIST) to develop commercial marine radars. He completed the development of an X-band radar front end, which was marketed by a commercial company Gold Star(now LG) in early 80s.

After finishing the airborne ECM project, he served as a program manager for Command, Control, Communications, Computer and Intelligence(C4I) program at the Institute for Defense Information Systems(IDIS) which merged to ADD later, for two years. On same period, he also served as the project manager of the Korea-U.S. joint project, TACCIMS(Theater Automated Command Control Information Management System).

Since 1995, He has been serving as an official consultant for the Korea Airport Construction Authority (KOACA), now the Incheon International Air Port. He served twice as the chairman of the source selection committee for selecting the prime contractors for constructions of the airport automatic Baggage Handling System(BHS) and Airport Integrated Communication Center(AICC).

Since 1996, he consulted for the Ministry of Science and Technology and for the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry as a member of several independent committees, including : Committee for Special Research, Specialist Committee for Future Base Technologies, Committee for Evaluation of Government Financed Organizations, Steering Committee for R&D of Precision Micro-machine etc.

Additionally Dr. Myung served many other committees ; Segehwa (Globalization) Promotion Committee (1995-1996) initiated by Government, Planning Committee (1995-1996) for Dual-use Technologies, Evaluation Committee (1995) for Government Funded Engineering Research Center (ERC) /Science Research Center (SRC), Long term New Economy Programming Committee (1995-1996) initiated by Government, etc.

He graduated from Korea Air Force Academy earning a Bachelor's Degree and obtained his second Bachelor of Science degree in electronic engineering from Seoul National University. He received the MS degree in electrical engineering at the KAIS (the Korea Advanced Institute of Science), now KAIST (the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) the newly established prestigious graduate school by Korean Government. He continued his graduate studies at Polytechnic Institute of New York in electro-physics and received MS and Ph.D. degrees.

When he was a cadet in Korea Air Force Academy, he joined Christian church academy choir member and when he was fourth grade or senior cadet, he conducted the choir for one year, until graduation. After that he continued conducting middle and high school choir team in Dapsipri church in Seoul for about ten years. And his choir conducting was continued during his graduate study in New York(Long Island Korean Church). In Long Island church, some of the choir members were students of the famous school, Juliard Music school. From student choir team to general church choir team, he conducted chorus about 16 years.  But after more than 20years of staying away from conducting chorus to integrate the efforts to his son HyungGuk and his daughter Hyung Ju, nobody can believe his musical deaf now.

When he taught at the Korea Air Force Academy, he performed research work in electronic warfare, especially, in radar warfare. He began his career in Korean Air Force as a radar maintenance officer for the first two years at the Communication and Electronic School of Korea Air Force.

The major academic area he has studied was mm waves. His Master's thesis was microwave injection locking with IMPATT diode oscillators, and his doctoral thesis was millimeter wave or laser wave guidance properties in dielectric guides, especially, in leaky wave analyses.



◎Family Affairs

Dr. Myung is married and has a son and a daughter. His son, married and has 3year old girl, received his Master's degree in electronic engineering from Seoul National University and got PhD. Degree from Polytechnic Institute of New York in United States after military service as an Air Force Officer in Korea Air Force Academy. His daughter, still old single, studied computer science and was a customer engineer at Agilent Technology(former Hewlett Packard) in Santa Clara, U.S.A. about 7 years, now has been working in Gen & Sys in San Francisco for 5 years.

◎Academic History

* Bachelor's Degree in Science at Korea Air Force Academy

* Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering at Seoul National University

* Master's Degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

* MS & Ph.D. in Electro-physics, Polytechnic Institute of New York, U.S.A.

◎Academic Affiliations

* Worked as a secretary of membership, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers of Korea (KIEEE)

* Worked as a secretary of treasury of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers of Korea

* Worked as Vice President of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers of Korea(KIEEE)

◎Published Articles

* Continuing monthly column writing on local weekly newspaper(JachiShinMoon) from 1999 up to now.

* Wrote defense columns on Defense Daily news published by Korea Ministry of National Defense for one year in 2001.

* Wrote monthly electronic column in Electronics Magazine published by the Association of Korea Electronic Industry for two years, 1998 and 1999.

* "The development trend in airborne electronic warfare, and preparation for future airborne electronic warfare", Monthly magazine "Aviation" Jan. 1998.

* "Electronic warfare and dual use technology", Monthly magazine "Aviation" Column: "Too much stimulated ! – it's time to cool down and to rely on system" Chamber of Commerce, Bucheon, March 2000.

* "A Novel Cavity Resonator Measurement Method for Leaky Waveguides" IEEETransactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Vol.37, No.3, March 1989

* "Prediction of Radar Scopes and Stability of Radar by Sweep Jamming", Journal of Korea Air Academy, Vol.20, June, 1985

* "Direct Experimental Confirmation of New Leakage Effects on Open Dielectric Strip Waveguides", IEEE, MTT Symposium, June, 1983

* "The Guidance and Leakage by Open Dielectric Waveguides for Millimeter Wave", Ph.D. Thesis of Polytechnic Institute of New York, June, 1982

* "Microwave Injection Locked IMPATT Oscillator", MS Thesis, KAIST, August, 1975

◎Professional Activities

* member, Air Force Policy Development Committee(ROKAF HQ.)

* member, Evaluation of Electronic Warfare Project (HQ. Intelligence, MND)

* Consultant to Chief of Defense Intelligence, Intelligent(Baekdu/Gumgang) Project

* C4I Program Manager, Institute for Defense Information Systems, MND

* Project Manager, Theater Automated Command, Communication and Information Systems (TACCIMS), Korea-U.S. Joint Project

* Evaluation Committee Member, Government Supported Engineering /Science Research Centers

* Government for Inchon Airport Construction(Ministry of Construction and Transportation)

* member, Program Committee for Dual Use Technology(MOST)

* member, Evaluation Committee for ’90 6th Annual Evaluation of Good Performed R&D Center(ERC/SRC)(MOST)

* member, Committee for Promotion of Globalization, Science and Technology (MOST)

* Advisory Committee Member, New Economic Plan

* Chairman, Selection Committee, Baggage Handling System of Inchon Airport

* Chairman, Review Committee, Airport Information and Communication Center(AICC, MCT)

* General Committee Member, Micro Precision Technology Development

* Special Identified R&D Project Committee Member(MND)

* Member, Specialist Committee for Future Critical Technology(MND)

* Review Committee Member, Korea Airport Construction

* Member, Evaluation Committee for Government Supported R&D Organizations(MOST)

* Executive Committee Member, Dual Use Technology(Blue House)

* Member, R&D Project Review Committee to KIST

* Special Consultant for Evaluation of Government funded R&D Organizations to McKinsey

* Executive Member, Program Committee for National Research Laboratories

* Member, Evaluation Committee for Good Performed R&D Center(ERC/SRC), (MOST)

* Sub-Committee Chairman(Construction of Technology Infrastructure), Evaluation Committee for National R&D Projects(MOST)

* Acting Member for Planning, Dual Use Technology(MOST)

* Program Member of KRCF(Korea Research Council of Fundamental Science& Technology) (Office of Prime Minister)

* Review and Consultation Member, Committee for Promotion of Information Technology (Office of Prime Minister)

* Chairman and member, Evaluation of National R&D Organization(KRCF, MOST)

* Review and Consultation Member, Program Committee for Evaluation and Renovation of Government funded Research Institutes.

1998 - Present: Columnist, Buchon Weekly Newspaper

2000 – 2008: Member of Review and Evaluation Committee for Annual Work to Ministry of Science and Technology of Korean Government

2000 – 2008: director, KAIST Development Foundation

2000 - 2004: Advisor to Minister for Information Planning, Ministry of Science and Technology

2000 - 2002: Review Committee Member, Prime Minister's Office

2001: Columnist, Defense Daily Newspaper(MND)

2001 - 2008: Chairman, Committee for Development Program of State of the Art Technology in Buchon

2002 - 2008: Director, Foundation for Buchon Industry Development

2004 - 2005.2.: Member of Review and Evaluation Committee for Annual Work to Ministry of National Defense


* Radar Maintenance Officer, C&E School, Korea Air Force

*  Instructor, Faculty Board, Korea Air Force Academy

* Associate Professor, Faculty Board, Korea Air Force Academy

* Airborne ECM Project Manager, Ministry of National Defense (MND)

* Director, Institute for Defense Information Systems(MND))

* Executive Manager (DaeWoo Group), Institute for Advanced Engineering

* 1997 - Present : member for Evaluation of General Affairs of Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST)

* Professor, Dept. of Systems Engineering, Ajou University

* 1999 - 2003 : President and CEO of Yuhan College

◎Patents and Intellectual Properties

* Invention ( 10-0666095, Jan. 2, 2007) : Semiconductor Ovenized Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator(SOTCXO)

* Invention ( #0261541, April 19, 2000) : Manufacturing Technology of PDP, FED.

* Invention ( #0258802, March 15, 2000) : Manufacturing Technology of PDP, FED.

* SilyongSinan (#0203117, September 4, 2000) : Exhaust Gas Control System for vehicles